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During Marconi Clay Target Club shoot weeks, the committee staff are extremely busy throughout the shoot day attending to our many members, .  As such, it can be quite cumbersome to answer the same questions time and time again over the phone.  

Great effort has been made to ensure that everything you need to know to get involved in shooting is available on this website including all forms for P650s, Firearms Safety Tests and step by step instructions to obtain a firearms licence.

We ask that all of you who are considering trying our sport visit our QUICK LINKS page and read up on the requirements before contacting the club to ask your questions.

If you are new to the idea of shooting and never held a firearms licence or tried shooting at all for that matter, firearms laws require a few historical questions of you to ensure your safety and the safety of those who are in your vicinity whilst using a firearm.

Can I try shooting to see if I like it before deciding to apply for a firearms licence/permit?

You certainly can, current firearms laws provide for unlicensed shooters to try their hand at the sport prior to applying for a firearms licence by the use of a Form P650.

What is a P650 Declaration form?

A P650 'Declaration - Person shooting on an Approved Range or undertaking a Firearms Safety Training Course' is the form which must be completed prior to an unlicensed person shooting on a range or undertaking firearms safety training under section 6B of the Firearms Act 1996. The form asks a series of questions required by legislation - clause 110 of the Firearms Regulation 2006.

To be eligible, you MUST be able to answer NO to the following questions about your history:

  • Have you in NSW or elsewhere been refused or prohibited from holding a firearms licence or permit or had a firearms licence or permit suspended, cancelled or revoked?

  • Are you currently subject to a Good Behaviour Bond or Interim Apprehended Violence Order?

  • Are you currently or have you previously been subject to a Firearms or Weapons Prohibition Order?

  • Are you suffering from any mental illness or other disorder that may prevent you from using a firearm safely?

  • Been convicted within the last 10 years of an offence involving: firearms or weapons; prohibited drugs; robbery; violence or terrorism; or an offence of a sexual nature? 

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, unfortunately you are ineligible to participate in shooting activities involving the possession or use of firearms.

Please be aware that it is a serious offence under the Firearms Act 1996 to make a statement or provide information that you know to be false or misleading in an attempt to gain access to a firearm.

If a person wishes to participate in both activities as prescribed by section 6B (1)(a) and section 6B (1)(b) of the Firearms Act 1996, then two (2) declarations are required to be completed.

Where are the P650 forms available?

From approved Firearms Instructors, at your local approved Firearms Club or for download from your approved shooting club internet site.  Use the link below to view and print the form:

Gun Licensing & Age Requirements:

All participants must be 12 years of age or older and must also meet the NSW Police requirement of being approved through a P650 declaration form (for unlicensed shooters).

**To help speed up the processing of paperwork on the day, feel free to download the P650 form and pre-fill it with your details.**  


Please DO NOT sign the form until you are at the range.

Photo Identification:

All non licensed shooters MUST bring approved Photo ID (Australian Drivers Licence or Passport is preferable).  Please note that failure to provide sufficient ID will exclude the individual from shooting on the day.


Sufficient ID also means valid (in date) and must show a recent photo of the owner with their current residential address.  IDs with PO Box addresses are not acceptable.   


Unfortunately there can be no exceptions to this rule it is the law!



Public Liability Insurance is provided by your P650 fees which will be discussed with you in more detail before you proceed to the Practice Trap.  


Targets will be shot Down-the-Line (DTL) also known as Trap Shooting or American Trap.

Can I shoot Skeet on a P650?:

Initially you will be required to shoot targets down the line until you can demonstrate that you can handle a firearm safely.  Once range officers are satisfied that you are well versed in firearms safety, are displaying excellent common sense and the utmost of respect and safety in the use of club firearms AND only after becoming a member of Marconi Clay Target Club, completed your firearms safety course and submitting an application for a firearms licence will you be permitted under close supervision to try your hand at the skeet discipline if you so desire.


Please note that shooting skeet whilst unlicenced is a privilege and is subject to the licenced skeet shooters approving to show you around the skeet layout. 


Equipment Supplied:

Hearing protection, ammunition and use of club firearms.  Please note non-licensed shooters are not permitted to handle ammunition under any circumstances.  Ammunition will only be handled by your range officer and all shooters will be briefed on this prior to you shooting.



All shooters must wear enclosed shoes (no high heels, thongs or sandals) along with suitable comfortable clothing (no singlets).  Please note also that camouflage attire of any kind whatsoever is not permitted on the range.



Shooting always proceeds regardless of whether it’s raining, cold or windy.  The club will cancel or postpone shooting at its own discretion and only due to hail, storms, lightning or localised flooding.  You should assume the club is open for business as per the shoot calendar unless informed otherwise.



The club runs a canteen on Friday evenings and Sundays.  Tea and Coffee are also available from the canteen for a small charge.  If you're visiting us on a Wednesday, the canteen will be unmanned.  We recommend bringing your own food/drink although we will have some small treats (cakes, muffins and chips) available at the canteen window and bottled water for purchase.



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