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45th Anniversary Shoot

Bright sun, zero cloud cover and wind free winter days. What do these factors represent? They represent what we Clay Target Shooters consider as the 'perfect conditions' for a competition. Sunday the 2nd of July gave us such a day at Marconi Clay Target Club. And what a day it was!

Senses reeling with keen sharp eyes to the brow, 14 squads of eager shooters rose up to the challenge, their focussed gaze set firmly on the prizes up for grabs and of course, our slippery little orange friends!

At 10am sharp a starting pistol (shotgun) was fired, the gentle chill and low winter sun on cold hands made for a challenging morning as the Marconi 45th Anniversary Shoot was underway, blanketed with the spectacular sound of echoed ricochet and 50 Points Score targets flew the traps for the taking.

By mid morning, the air was filled with the irresistible scent of Tony's BBQ spectacular and shooters were of course drawn to re-energise for the afternoon's Anniversary Event - 50 targets of Double Barrel Classic.

The afternoon winter warmth was captivating. The brightly lit, absolutely cloud free skies gave rise to some breathtaking targets. I myself can contest that I was mesmerised by them, filling me up with a great love for our sport. I am certain others felt it too.

Shoot-offs in many grades were conducted to a cool evening chill, our winning circle rising up to deliver our champion of the day.

Yet as sure as the wind blows, heavy shadows must slowly loom, and dimly lit grounds confirmed that our eventful day was drawing its curtains to close, the winter sun slowly engulfed behind us by the broad Sydney horizon.

As always, a huge thanks must go out to our sponsors, Dino and Jerry Barros of ABC Texture Coatings with particular thanks for the gorgeous Anniversary cake and our new sponsor Nick Vournazous of TEZNIK Australia for your generous donation of our raffle prizes!

Can I also give a warm thanks to all the effort put in by Pete and Sharon Phillpott, the best president and secretary our club could ever ask for, Tony for his spectacular work in the kitchen, Pam and Brittany for their efforts in the office, Chris for your tireless loading of the traps (and the newly appointed kiddy rides co-ordinator) and last but certainly not least, our awesome Marconi Committee without whom these events could never take place!

A big congratulations to Glenn Kable who took out Overall on the day, well done!

We look forwards to seeing you all again at the 46th Anniversary Shoot in 2018, until then as always...HAPPY SHOOTING!

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