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The Skeeters Do It Again

Those Dirty Rotten Skeeters have done it again. On completion of Marconi's Annual General Meeting for 2017, the Dirty Rotten Skeeters went to heads again for the 2nd Monthly DRS Skeet Competition sponsored by our dear friends at Tuff Nutz, a warm thanks to our new sponsor, your Fruit & Veggie boxes were a visual delight and will certainly draw bigger numbers with such a beautiful arrangement of healthy treats up for grabs in the future.

Although a slightly smaller turnout than the Inaugural Skeet Comp of June, a bunch of fun was had nonetheless. The cold night air helping to transmit the beautiful sound of cracking shotgun fire deep into the shadowy darkness. We would also like to put out a heartfelt thank you to Joe Khalil & Sharon Phillpott who put on a fantastic BBQ dinner for us all. For those who didn't know Sharon was at the range early for the AGM and though tired and a little stressed from a long and arduous day, she put on a strong face and came through for us, you are a beautiful woman Shaz, we love you always!

Emerging triumphant were our 3 Champions of the night from left to right, Mouhamed Dabbousi, John Rodden & David Muir. Congratulations to you and congratulations to all our raffle prize winners. Don't forget to visit the Tuff Nutz facebook page and show your support

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