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Leni Crema Memorial Shoot, DTL Tournament Proudly Sponsored by Vince Gatt.

With one of the most beautiful winters days over Sydney it was no surprise that 12 eager squads turned up to contest the 100T DB Leni Crema Memorial Shoot proudly sponsored by Vince Gatt. The format of the competition would see the top 6 shooters enter a 25T flash target final with their scores to carry over. Leading the final was Aaron Jones with 100/100, followed closely by Arty Del-Ben and George Dominello with 99/100.

From the 60+ shooters on the day, the six top qualifiers transpired to shoot off for a place in the top 3. Charlie Sherry, Glenn Kable and Mark Welsh claimed their victorious spots. In amazingly fine form and despite having dropped his first target, Aaron Jones was triumphant and claimed overall with a brilliant score of 124/125. To present the memorial shield was Leni's daughter Jennifer and her family. We would dearly wish to thank Jennifer and her family for joining us to remember this well loved man today. Thank you to all who attended and supported the shoot. Thanks to Tony and his colleague in the kitchen for keeping us well nourished as always. To Sharon, Pam, Brittany and of course Joe who I personally can't thank enough for taking the reins and allowing me to concentrate on the competition.

I would like to thank Sharon Phillpott whose tireless efforts often go transparently in the background but whom without we could never possibly even run one of these larger comps, and whilst you are not shooting, you are without question 'a champion' any which way you slice it.

I must also make mention of our illustrious club President Peter Phillpott who sacrifices his own shoot to act as 'shoot marshall' for these events ensuring our day runs beautifully.

And most importantly, to Mr. Vince Gatt who proudly sponsored today's Leni Crema Memorial Shoot, on behalf of all our members and guests, we thank you so much for your kind generosity.

CONGRATULATIONS again to Aaron Jones on his win and of course to our winners circle...well done!

We look forward to seeing you all at our Marconi Marathon on the 8th of October 2017.



O/A Aaron Jones 124/125 2nd Arty Del-Ben 123/125 3rd Charlie Sherry 122/125 1st AA Glenn Kable 122/125 2nd AA George Dominello 120/125 1st A Mark Mark Welsh 118/125 2nd A Jimmy Adams 104/108 1st B Gary Rootes 103/106 2nd B John Varoutsos 98/101 1st C Tony Chehade 93/100 2nd C Jose Nunes 93/100

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