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Marconi Marathon 2017


Marconi Marathon 100T Double Barrel

On Sunday 8th of October 2017, Marconi Clay Target Club held its annual Marconi Marathon shoot, in conjunction with the Marconi 400 Teams Event.

We had a great turnout for the event. 14 squads were ready to take to the layouts and battle it out over 100 Targets.

The weather was somewhat unusual, although not entirely out of character for October. We saw overcast skies, with little to no sun breaking through. Overall I would say the light was relatively balanced throughout the entire day. The slightly darker horizon made clays quite easy to track visually. Winds were light but gusting on occasion by mid-morning and then dropped away making for perfect afternoon shooting conditions.

After a great day of shooting Steve Caltabiano emerged from a shoot-off with Ted Axiak to take overall. Both Steve and Ted Axiak emerged from the comp having both shot the possible (100/100).

Steve walked away with $500 cash, 250 Falcon Shells, a Sash and his name on the Honour Board for 2017. Congratulations to Steve Caltabiano. Ted Axiak goes home with $200 cash and a winners Sash for his outstanding win in A Grade.

It was absolutely fantastic to see so much red on the scoreboard today with many shooters finishing on (99/100) and only just missing out on joining Steve and Ted in the shoot-off for Overall. So well shot all our 99ers!

A big round of applause goes out to all our place getters. Great shooting today!

We would also like to congratulate Stuart McCarthy on achieving his very first 25/25 in competition Trap. It has been a long and hard earned victory over the clays. Well done Stuart, we trust this will be the first of many!

We must thank Peter Phillpott, President and Shoot Marshall, for running the day's shoot like clockwork as always.

Thanks must always go out to Pam Trew, Sharon Phillpott and Brittany Tibbits for all their assistance in the office on the day.

To our beloved Tony for his delicious food keeping shooters nourished and alert.

A special thanks to Angelo Piazza and Sharon Phillpott for their tireless efforts to make the event happen smoothly.



AA: 1st & 2nd: Split G Kable, T Arvanitakis, G Coleman, D Perri 124/125. A: 1st: T Axiak 107/108, 2nd: J Luke 101/102. B: 1st: R Bou-Moussa 96/100, 2nd: P Nement 94/100. C: 1st: S McCarthy 94/100, 2nd: J Nunes 93/100. LAD: H Phillpott 88/100. VET: E Pantalone 97/100. JNR: M Corbo 91/100. OA: S Caltabiano 108/108. 2nd in the 400 Teams Event: S Caltabiano, C Plessas, J Camilleri, A Jones

1st in the 400 Teams Event: G Poulios, G Kable, T Arvanitakis, G Coleman

Marconi Clay Target Club would like to say a huge thanks to our Sponsors,

  • Dino & Jerry Barros of ABC Texture Coatings

  • Tuff Nutz –for their amazing fruit boxes

Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to everyone who came along for the Marathon, it is always a pleasure to see so many of our beloved shooting friends. We look forward to doing it all again next year! Till then, Happy Shooting

Remember to support the sponsors of our sport!

Happy shooting to all shooters everywhere!

Adam McCarthy

Marconi Clay Target Club

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