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46th Annual Marconi Anniversary Shoot

Marconi Clay Target Club would like to thank all who attended our Annual Anniversary Shoot for making it a great day of competition, was so good to see so much RED on the board, with 14 squads battling it out in perfect shooting conditions.

Congratulations to Glenn Kable for taking the Overall Win, and also to David Perri & Peter Athanasopoulos for shooting the program clean, 200/200 and splitting the High Gun.

A huge thanks to Dino Barros for the delicious Anniversary cake and Portuguese sweets, we are so very grateful for your continuous support and generosity to your club, I know the shooters appreciate it.

Pam and Sharon in the office, Tony in the kitchen, our President and Shoot Marshall Peter Phillpott, our trapper Chris, Paul Heuston, Paul Balestro, Joe Khalil, Dino Barros, can’t thank you enough for making the day run smoothly.

Thanks to Christians Premium Meats at Helensburgh for the amazing meat trays and all who supported the raffle.

Congratulations to all the winners and look forward to seeing you all next year for our 47th Annual Marconi Anniversary Shoot. Till then Happy Shooting! 😁

** Results**


AA Grade

1st - D Perri 165/165 2nd - P Athanasopoulos 164/165

A Grade 1st - M Gomes 151/153 2nd - A Adamopoulos 150/153

B Grade 1st - P Balestro 151/162 2nd - J Da Silva 137/162

C Grade 1st - M James 135/150 2nd - A Mangoulias 133/150


Overall: G Kable 110/100

AA Grade 1st - G Kable 110/100 2nd - C Sherry 59/60

A Grade 1st - J Moutopoulos 59/60 2nd - B Bartolo 74/75

B Grade 1st - R Damcevski 50/50 2nd - J Da Silva 47/50

C Grade 1st - M James 48/50 2nd - G Khoury 52/55

Ladies - Karen Berry - 167/200 Veterans - John Crompton 194/200 Juniors - Marco Corbo - 178/200

High Gun: D Perri & P Athanasopoulos 200/200

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