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How To Obtain

A Firearms



As our staff can be very busy at the club on shooting days, we have provided a page dedicated to answering all those questions that most people ask of us. If you cannot find your question here, then you are most welcome to contact the club directly and we will be only too happy to help!

Where do we shoot?

16km from Liverpool or 2.2km from New Illawarra Road and Heathcote Rd, Intersection.


When do we shoot?

Every second Wednesday 11am till 4pm

Every second Friday night 6.30pm till 11pm

Every second Sunday 10am till 4pm


What do we offer?

For Licensed shooters:

Down the Line (DTL) Competition for ACTA Members

Skeet Practice on all shoot days / evenings

Competition Skeet Monthly (see Blog for details)

Targets only trap which is scored and supervised

Free coaching available for beginners (Sundays)

Full canteen facilities including ammunition

For Non Licensed shooters:

Every assistance to obtain your Category A - Target Shooting Licence

Comprehensive instruction in Down the Line (DTL) discipline.


Can I shoot whilst my licence application is being processed?

You sure can, your P650 form allows you to continue to shoot when your club is shooting.  Each time you attend, you will need to sign and date the back of the P650 form, this ensures you and the club are covered by indemnity in the case of an accident.  Please note that due to numbers, unlicenced P650 shooters are only permitted to shoot one (1) round of 25 targets per visit to the club. As such it is in your best interest to apply for and obtain your firearms licence.


I have a disability and am wheelchair bound, can I still become a member at Marconi CTC and shoot?

Absolutely, we are an equal opportunity club and welcome applications from anyone who is mentally and physically capable of obtaining a firearms licence.


Shooting Related - FAQ's


How old do I have to be to shoot? 

Anyone older than twelve years (12yrs) male or female.


What licence do I require?

Category A Target Shooting Licence or Temporary Exemption - available from our Club


What's a P650?

A P650 form allows you to shoot as an unlicensed visitor up to 3 times. After this you will be encouraged to apply for your Firearms Licence or Minors Permit to continue in the sport at our range.


What gun Do I need?

12 Guage Shotgun (Under/Over) is preferable. A 410 or 20 Gauge is also permitted, though not as successful.   The Club realises that unlicensed shooters can't possess either Firearms or Ammunition we therefore make available these items so that, whilst under a P650, you can shoot under Direct Supervision.

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